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  • Writer's pictureHelena Krüger

An illustration I created with inspiration from the Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear collection. I started out with a pencil drawing, then added some ink and did som editing in Photoshop at the final stage.

It's a bit daunting that I keep drawing puffer jackets even in May. This month hasn't been the warmest but let's hope for some Bahamas winds next week.

  • Writer's pictureHelena Krüger

Times are strange. For me a nice way of temporarily forget all about corona is to visit and focus on some beautiful fashion shows. Less important matter of course, but I thing whatever keeps you motivated at the moment is helpful.

Pencil and acrylic inks.

  • Writer's pictureHelena Krüger

Today's project – writing thank you 105 times! I used gold calligraphy ink from Winsor & Newton on this super thick burgundy paper. You can almost take a nap on it.

Lovely Nicole and Axel. This photo is just...!

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