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Drawing in museums

This is a view a love when visiting museums. People bringing their sketchpads to draw from statues and other artwork. Perhaps I shouldn't be taking pictures of them because I know the feeling – like you're being an animal in a zoo.

I've been drawing in museums during some of the courses I've taken. It's a really good alternative to life drawing. What somtimes happens though is that people approach you out of curiosity. 90 % of the times it's just really nice and poeple shyly ask you what you're doing. The drawing turns into an ice breaker. On the other hand, you may also get a group of school children looking over you're shoulder and wondering "what the lady is doing", while sneezing on you paper. A piece of advice to avoid the biggest crowds: skip the weekends and run when you see a school class. Those are two pieces of advice really...

You'll find a coffee truck in the courtyard of the V&A. The coffee is great and it's a nice place to have a break and cure your museum fatigue.

The flowers!


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