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Eat meat at Temper

Updated: Aug 31, 2017

If you, like me, enjoy meat you definitely need to try Temper in Soho. It's honestly one of the best food experiences I've had in a long time. I know you're not supposed to eat too much red meat beacuse of the planet, your own health and all that. That's why, when I decide to have a piece of nice red meat, I really treat myself.

You order several smaller dished to share. Smoked beef, lamb and beef skewers with masala. Try all three sauces and the corn side dish.

The scallop starter was spicy but definitely the best. We also had the shrimps and the crab.

The dessert is what they call "a cookie". I would rather say it's a pie with chocolate yummy inside and some ice cream. Delicious!

I like the funny lady photobombing the image.

Walking Piccadilly home after an unforgettable dinner.


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