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Favourite drawing and painting tools

My tools – a messy mix of brushes, pens and pencils. In general, I use brushes with real hair when it comes to watercolour drawing. I prefer sable or squirrel and I found my favorite ProArte mop brushes at Cass Art in London a few years ago.

I use reed pens and a selection of classic nib pen holders for ink drawing. I also dip regular HB pencils with a blunt nib into the ink and put that on paper. Whatever works!

The India ink I currently use comes from Lefranc & Bourgeois. I often buy different brands to find out if there's any difference between them. I'm not much wiser at the moment. :)

Since brushes can get I bit sticky and dry from using ink, I go for the ones with synthetic hair when it comes to ink drawing. I also have a soft spot for the Japanese drawing brushes you can find in most art shops.

My favorite pair of scissors comes from Fiskars.

When I create invitations with calligraphy and handwritten details, I often use these inks from Studio Barbara Bunke.

I also enjoy working with the liquid watercolors from Dr. Ph. Martin's in any type of project.

What are you favourite tools? Please send me an email to share your tips and tricks:


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