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Shakespeare's birthplace

Updated: Aug 31, 2017

My mum and dad have been visiting for a couple of days and when parents visit you do things parents enjoy (you still want to get Chistmas gifts, right?). Since my mother is a literary fan we had to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare in Startford-upon-Avon. I must say I've never felt more British – or more touristy perhaps.

Apparently, his family were quite well off so he grew up in this surprisingly big house.

Outside some actors do short live performances and the audience chooses what they should play. How the actors know all Shakespeare plays by heart is quite impressive to say the least.

Garden view.

I made contact with a piece of history. This is the actual bed where Shakespeare was born.

This is a bed where the family used to sit and talk to visitors. Such a convenient way of socialising, isn't it?

Visitors put their names on the windows as a souvernir. A little bit odd in my opinion but apparently a nice gesture.

A nice building on the main street.


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